Our history

To learn more about the history leading up to the founding of the Pacific Centre for Discipleship Association and the early years of the Menno Simons Centre, see the following papers:


1986 – The PCDA is created and 4000 West 11th Avenue is purchased to create the Menno Simons Centre.

1987 – The first Abendmusik concert is held. (more information here)

1988 – Major renovations are completed at the Menno Simons Centre

1990 – Student Ministry Symposium

1991 – Anabaptist Lecture Series

1993 – Anabaptist Chair at Regent College created – Abendmusik performs 50th concert

1994 – Abendmusik begins performing at Knox United Church

1995 – Purpose and Planning Committee begins organization evaluation

1996-99 – St. Petersburg Christian College Project conducted

1998-99 – Anabaptism in Dialog Lecture Series

2000 – Renovations are completed on the Centre washrooms – Abendmusik performs 100th concert

2002 – The Sun Room addition is completed at the Centre

2006Faith and Life Integration Program begins

2007 – Abendmusik performs 150th concert

2008 – Urban Gardening begins at the Menno Simons Centre

2016 – The PCDA celebrates 30 years!

2017 – Deposit made on the property at 2026 Wesbrook Mall (Gerard House) for a future new student residence

2018 – Completed purchase of the Gerard House, leased back to the University Christian Ministries (Pentecostal)

2019 – Purchased 2076 Wesbrook Mall (Lutheran Campus Centre) in collaboration with MCC Legacy Trust. Sold 4000 West 11th Avenue.

2020 – Completed one-year lease-back of the Menno Simons Centre and moved out in May after celebrating 34 years of ministry!

2021 – UEL Official Community Plan was updated in April to reflect the Area D Neighbourhood Plan (including 2026 & 2076 Wesbrook Mall)

2022Menno Hall proposal public consultation period in May & June for Change of Land Use District Application #3/21 (rezoning)