Menno FAQs

Why is the Menno Simons Centre named after Menno Simons?

The Centre was named after Menno Simons, the founder of the Mennonite heritage in the Christian faith, in recognition of its purpose to nurture Christian community and practice from an Anabaptist perspective.

When did the Menno Simons Centre start and who runs it?

View our whole history here.

Why does the Menno Simons Centre exist?

Members of the Pacific Centre for Discipleship Association recognized a need for a Christian residence for college students who attend a wide range of post-secondary institutions in the area.

How can I volunteer to help the Menno Simons Centre improve its facilities with ongoing renovations?

We are always looking for individuals or groups interested in using their skills to improve the facilities of the Centre. Please contact the office if you have any ideas of when and how you can assist with the ongoing renovations of the Menno Simons Centre’s facility.

I’m an alumnus — how can I get involved?

Thanks for being interested in being involved! We’d love to know how you are and what you are up to – please feel free to get in touch. You can also get involved by becoming a member, connecting with current and past residents on our Facebook Group, and liking our Facebook Page.