Photo courtesy of Leah TanFor the last 30 years, the Menno Simons Centre has been a home for college and university students in Vancouver. Our community is different each year as the group of residents change, grow and mature, but each and every year the community is sustained and enhanced through the commitment, dedication and thoughtful residents, visitors and supporters.

We want to hear from you – How are you doing? How has Menno affected your lives?

Like our Facebook Page and/or join our Facebook Group if you are or have been a resident, frequent visitor, or supporter! You can also add us to a Circle in Google Plus.

Join us for a potluck community meal every first Wednesday of the month at 7pm. (6:30pm every Wednesday from May-August). Bring a main dish, salad, veggie, starch or dessert of five servings to share with the rest of the community. We look forward to seeing you!

We are always looking for alumni wanting to get involved with the future of the Centre and PCDA, for more information about becoming a PCDA Board or Menno Committee member go here.

Alumni may also apply for the Faith and Life Integration Program which offers students the chance to receive financial support toward costs for engaging in endeavours that meld academic goals and faith/service to the community (in Canada or overseas).