Support the choir

Abendmusik wordmarkAs a not-for-profit and CRA-registered charity, we depend on help from volunteers and donors. During one hymn, an offering will be taken in support of the Choir and our future Menno Hall.

There are several ways to support the work of the Pacific Centre for Discipleship Association:

1. Send an INTERAC e-Transfer (auto-deposit, no shared secret required) to:
If you’re not already on our mailing list, provide it when you subscribe, or e-mail us your postal address so that we can include it on the charitable donation receipt that we will e-mail to you.

2. Mail your cheque (and make it payable to): PCDA, PO Box 74782, Connaught PO, Vancouver, BC V6K 0E4, CANADA.

3. Make a donation by credit card.*

4. You may choose to donate to the PCDA through or donate to the PCDA through Charitable Impact and receive a charitable donation receipt PDF directly from either of those donation portals. If you prefer to contribute to us through a direct Vancity Savings Credit Union account transfer, contact us to receive instructions.

Your contributions will support the choir and will help students integrate their faith with their academics and careers. Thank You!

*Please provide your postal address so that we can send you an official charitable donation receipt and if you want us to receive a specific amount for a designated purpose, please add 1.6% to cover our credit card processing costs. For your reference, Canadian charitable donation receipts are issued by the Pacific Centre for Discipleship Association, under charitable business number 107810129RR0001.