Support the choir

As a not-for-profit, we depend on help from volunteers and donors. During one hymn, an offering will be taken in support of the Choir and our future Menno Hall.

To support us:

Mail your cheque (and make it payable to): PCDA, PO Box 74782, Connaught PO, Vancouver, BC V6K 0E4, CANADA, or make a donation by credit card.*

Your support will really help our ministry programs and building project!

Thank You!

*Please provide your postal address so that we can send you an official charitable donation receipt and if you want to us to a receive a specific amount for a designated purpose, please consider adding 1.6% to cover our credit card processing costs.

For your reference, Canadian charitable donation receipts are issued by the Pacific Centre for Discipleship Association, under charitable business number 107810129RR0001.