Room rates

Summer: May to August


Total rent, per month* (2017):

  • Small or regular room: $543.86 online or $535 (discounted if by cheque)
  • Large room: $584.50 online or $575 (discounted if by cheque)

*Ask us about rates if you need to request specific dates other than monthly

Fall/Winter: September to April


Total rent and fees, per four month semester (2017-2018):

  • Small room: $2308.65 online, $2272 (discounted if by cheque)**
  • Regular room: $2532.17 online, $2492 (discounted if by cheque)**
  • Large room: $2674.41 online, $2632 (discounted if by cheque)**

**Note that these amounts include rent as well as the following fees: $80 for community meals, $80 for retreats, and $32 for student activities, per four month semester.